Each Monday in August, we've been hitting you with a collaboration between an artist and a sexy model from our annual Style & Design Issue—Ming x Bill McMullen, Melody x Hush, and Pearl x Mike Perry. This week, we're unleashing our final collabo (which represents the "Fashion" section of our Style & Design package), a shot of sexy Russian model Olga Akhunova, with creative direction by NYC graffiti duo Mint & Serf. Watch the behind-the-scenes video below to see how it all came together, then read on for an interview with Olga...



Name: I am Olga Akhunova.

Birthplace: I was born in Russia, in the capital of Ural Mountains - Yekaterinburg

Age: I am 20.

How were you discovered? I was discovered by scout back in Russia. After school, I was working for a modeling agency as a secretary, when Alexy Kashin came into the city to do casting for oversees. My first contract was Tokyo, then Paris, then Milan and now New York.

What's the nerdiest thing about yourself? I think its that I prefer to go to sleep early then go to the party. Not fun, right? That is what all of my friends tell me. But I have hobbies: drawing, writing poetry. And I study a lot. All this takes time.

What was the most enjoyable thing about your Complex shoot? Relaxed situation on the shoot. Good people with a lot of sense of humor. Great direction with a lot of freedom. Amazingly arranged room. The most important thing is energizing atmosphere created by the crew of the shoot. Cant wait to work with them again!

What's your good-luck ritual when you go on a call? I don't have good-luck ritual. Just be yourself! And make sure to have fun and enjoy it, otherwise it will never work!

What kind of guys hit on you the most? All of them! Another question is what kind of guys doesn't?! [Laughs.]

If you weren't a model, what other profession would you want? I want to become an actress. I like to experience that feeling of living the life of someone else when you play. I love emotions. I love performing. I love to create art!

What's the sneakiest way you've ever used your looks to get over? I use my looks only for work and nothing else!!! They are too expensive....

If you could guest star in a music video, whose would it be? Love Madonna! She is a great performer. She is been doing everything and for such a long time. A great example of if you want to get something, there is no answer for it "no". In other words, everything is possible!

What's your least favorite thing about yourself? Too nice to people. I should change it. Naive.

What's your favorite night-time hangout? Tokyo, karaoke with Japanese people! They are so much fun when they are not working. If you've ever been to Tokyo, you will understand.


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