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In recent weeks, some of Obama's opponents - in the legislature, media and the streets - have been escalating their criticism to the point of outright racism. There's no question that we're in some of the toughest economic times in memory; and history shows that fiscal distress often incites the ignorant populace to seek out scapegoats. Those leading the hate-mongering flock tend to do so out of career opportunism and a lust for power. While it's tempting to ignore and brush-off these inflammatory critics as simple "haters", it's important to call them out, because rhetoric can lead to violence. I mean, they could tell the people they roll with whatever they want, but you and I know what's going on. Here's a rundown of some of the most outlandish fuckery hurled at Mr. 44...

5. RNC Chairman Candidate Releases "Puff The Magic Negro"
Shortly after Obama was elected to office, the Republican National Committee began searching for a new leader. One candidate, Chip Saltsman - a Tennessee-native and campaign manager for Mike Huckabee - sent out a racist compilation CD to his GOP colleagues entitled: "We Hate The USA". In addition to songs such as "The Star Spanglish Banner", the bigotry-laced album included "Puff The Magic Negro", which was written by Saltsman's good friend, Paul Shanklin. Always at the forefront of racist taste-making, Rush "Pain Killer" Limbaugh, broke the record on his show, declaring it "brilliant". The RNC then proceeded to elect Michael Steele as chairman, the first African-American to hold the post. "You see, we're not racist!"

4. The "Birthers" Movement
It's not entirely clear who actually started the "birther" movement, but it's been repeatedly defended by Liz Cheney, Lou Dobbs and other mainstream right-wingers. Basically, these racist xenophobes challenge Obama's Presidential legitimacy, claiming that he was either born in Kenya or Indonesia and has a forged birth certificate. Just yesterday, a judge tossed out the latest attempt by the birther's legal team to discredit the Commander-In-Chief's authority. After scoffing at the evidence, Judge Land warned attorney, Orly Taitz, to check herself before she wrecked herself. I would go a step further and propose she chin-check herself.

3. "Tea-Party" Protests
The "Tea-Party" protests have been filled with some of the most dangerous and ugly hate-filled attacks on Obama to date. A look at their typical protest signs alone are disturbing enough. But their sponsor, FOX News, helped to deceive the public by claiming that their latest march on Washington drew a crowd of millions. In fact it was about 70,000 people, which in itself is a cause for concern.

2. Rush Limbaugh Defines "Obama's America"
This is race-baiting 101. The King of Hate Radio, "Racist Rush", turns it up a notch with this deeply incendiary accusation about "Obama's America". Just listen to his foul mouth warning that, "the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering." Eew. He also mocks the sound of "black kids" egging on a fight. Keep in mind, Limbaugh has more than 13 million people listening, and recently signed a contract extension through 2016 that is worth over $400 million. Assuming that we're in a supply and demand economy, it makes you wonder how many are in agreement.

1. Joe Wilson Yells "You Lie!" At President Obama
In a move more suited for a politically dysfunctional banana republic, than say, a functioning democracy, Strom Thurmond's mentee violated historical protocol and lashed out at Obama with the heckling heard 'round the world. Can you imagine the backlash that Democrats would have received if they spouted the same line at George "War President" Bush? It would have been treason. But apparently the Good 'Ol Boys set different.