iron1WHAT: Panasonic 360 Quick Iron

COMPARE TO: Whatever janky iron you currently own.

PRICE: $80/$50 (pictured)/$40

FUN FACT: According to a poll, 9% of people enjoy ironing. But can they cook, though?

WHY COMPLEX IS CO-SIGNING: Look, we all know that ironing is up there with flossing as one of those annoying self-maintenance chores that we're supposed to do daily but usually don't. But here at Complex, it doesn't make sense for us to recommend that you buy a $300 shirt and then sit here and let you press it with some cheap dollar-store iron that's more likely to crease (or even singe) your investment than make it look better. Enter the new 360 Quick series of irons from Panasonic...

The 360 Quick (which come in three tiers: the NI-W450TS, the NI-W750TS, and the top-of-the-line NI-W810CS) is designed to make ironing easy—and with its high-tech appearance and features, it can even make it (dare we say) kinda fun. Irons typically have a triangular-shaped soleplate, but the 360 Quicks have larger football-shaped faces, an innovation that allows for more steam holes and consequently, more surface area so you can iron much faster. The two points on either end of the iron make it easy to maneuver under and around buttons. The "360" in the product name refers to the fact that with the Quick, you can iron in any direction—forwards, backwards, and even sideways—without leaving creases or wrinkles. Smooth like butter, son. As a bonus, you can also use the 360 Quick in a pinch as a vertical steamer, Banana Republic style. (It's kind of heavy, though.)

All of this will make your life easier, but what's really cool about the 360 Quick is its awesome design: half-shark, half-Starship Enterprise. We thought "sleek iron" was an oxymoron until we saw the Quick, in which the design feels like an integral component, not just an afterthought. We could've used a retractable power cord but that's a minor quibble. Seriously, spend an extra $30 (that you'd probably end up spending in dry-cleaning costs) and invest in an iron that'll you use for a long time...or at least your girl will.