If the city is your canvas, choose a brush that can keep up. Chris Costello a.k.a. "KR" reveals the Krink 8-Litre Applicator. Comes numbered (only 20 made) and signed by the artist. [High Snobiety]

Unfortunately the number of Daft Punk fans in the post-Joustissce era is making it tough to stay true, but perhaps this Daft Punk x Silly Thing 1000% Kubrick set can take you back. Available October 1, 2009. [C'est La Vie]

If you went against the iPhone/Crackberry grain and went with the Chocolate, you may be in luck. LG Mobile is offering 10,000 dollars for some of them. A modern-day version of the golden ticket. [Gizmodo]

Piper Heidsieck and Christian Louboutin redefine the concept of "panty dropper". [High Caliber]

Andy Warhol's life and celebrated career, in a new hard-bound. [Selectism]

He-Man and friends abandon Eternia and move to Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Check out Adrian Riemann's reinterpretation of the Masters of the Universe. [Street Level]