Roger Federer won his first French Open yesterday, and while that's a big deal, especially because he's now tied with Pete Sampras for the most Grand Slam titles ever (14), the match itself was kind of boring. Well, most of it.

In an incident Federer described as "a touch scary," a spectator ran onto the court and tried to put a beret on his head before dashing off in an attempt to evade security. The brave/crazy/drunk fan was taken down by a impressively solid tackle shortly after. Nice form! So nice that it got us thinking about some of our favorite sports fan takedowns by security, refs, and athletes. When you step on the field of play, it's game on, bitch! Watch 5 classics below...

Unless you're speaking at a Friar's Club roast, you might want to hold off on "ribbing" a dude in front of a mob of his friends.

And the ump says...he's out! (Cold, that is.) According to the rule book, dude was automatically out the moment he ran outside of the base path, but it was fun to see it through anyway, no?

Either the security guards who got broken and run into each other really suck at their job or the Bengals need to pick this guy up in free agency.

Who needs security? THAT is how a ref really pulls your card!



Occasionally security is necessary to prevent athletes from killing fans. In Roy's defense, this hoser already had his gloves off. Every hockey fan knows that means it's go-time!

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