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Comic-Con 2009 was a busy few days for Tyrese Gibson and Team MAYHEM! The comic book drops today (August 5). Both groups increased awareness and developed greater fan following at Comic Con. And me? I caught the action. But as you can see, I had my share of fun as well! Enjoy the pictures and video below...

Video footage by Bryan Ingram

Percy Carey and MAYHEM creator Will Wilson

Michael Chavez Booth and MURS at MAYHEM booth (Photo by Des Taylor)

Percy Carey and Vern Troyer (most commonly recognized for work as "Mini-me") in a race

MAYHEM artist Tone Rodriguez (w/ Tyrese in background) (Photo by Kitty Mach)

DC President and Publisher Paul Levitz with MAYHEM creators Will Wilson and Tyrese Gibson (Photo by Kitty Mach)

Tyrese with Batman and Joker (Photo by Kitty Mach)

Jim Lee Special Edition Hard Cover for MAYHEM book

Flamingo Gunfight on MAYHEM red carpet (Photo by Kitty Mach)

Tyrese on MAYHEM red carpet (Photo by Doug Hac)

Actor Tim Jo (upcoming "Bandslam"), San Diego Charger Antoine Cason, Percy Carey, actor Charlie Saxton (HBO's "Hung" and upcoming "Bandslam"), creator of "The Trouble with Katie Rogers", Des Taylor (Photo by Doug Hac)

Tyrese and Jim Lee (Photo by Des Taylor)

Percy and Jim Lee (Photo by Des Taylor)

Michael Chavez Booth, Image Comics Founder and President Todd McFarlane, and comic legend Jim Lee at Stingaree (Photo by Nina Garcia)

Percy Carey and Jim Lee

Tyrese in DJ booth (Photo by Doug Hac)

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