Keep calling it street art, and it will continue to be lame. Look and enjoy, and it will live forever (?) - sorry it was a long morning. Check this profile on NYC-er Aakash Nihalani [It's Nice That]

If you haven't rotted your brain enough with Twitter/facebook/TV/reading books, XBox is cutting prices on it's XBox 360 consoles! Rejoice as you dance on the primordial Jell-o that once held your math homework. [Crunch Gear]

You need some new/cheap art for your wall? Don't say we never helped you out. [Mash Kulture]

Get this: You can actually use a vaporizer for something other than weed. Who knew? [Gizmodo]

Stussy new colection x website = killing it. (Yeah we know how to do math too). [Stussy]

What happens when you slam a pound of cocaine into your face and design a whole collection in one go Kim Jones goes in for real on a collection? The new Dunhill. Dope. [Slam x Hype]

Remember the Scarface poster you had on your dorm room wall? Those were the days. Here's one for your cube. [ANIMAL]

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