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The GOP's desperate attempt to rebrand itself as youthful, modern and multicultural has produced some entertaining characters. After Team Maverick got bodied on Election Day, the right wing's been scrambling for a new face. Well, Meghan "Lil Maverick" McCain is going hard for the crown. Fully aware of her newfound status, Meghan is milking her familiar surname for all the political cheese she can shred. Is she a genuine contender or just another privileged bimbo? Perhaps a review of her most recent public antics will shed some light...

5. Declares GOP "Leaderless" on Larry King
• Shots fired! Meghan, 26, throws the GOP under the bus for its failed leadership while declaring her support for gay marriage. While she defines herself as socially "liberal", she remains fiscally "conservative" - you know like opposing higher taxes on her inherited wealth. I'm shocked.

4. Beefs with Ann Coulter
• To garner a little buzz for her new blog on The Daily Beast, Meghan did what any youthful public figure does in this new media age - starts beef. Always an easy target of ridicule, Ann "I look like a Nazi sympathizer" Coulter, felt the wrath of Meghan's maverickness. Coulter, clearly feeling that Meghan hadn't moved enough units to land on her radar, never responded.

3. Tells Laura Ingraham To "Kiss My Fat Ass"
• Although Ann Coulter never got in the booth to try and ether Meghan Maverick, she sent her lil' homie, Laura Ingraham, to rhetorically scratch her eyes out. Like a cruel cheerleader team captain, Ingraham mocked Meghan's physical appearance. McCain, sensing a lane here, took advantage of the bait and sought empathy on The View.

2. Calls Joe The Plumber a "Dumbass"
• In a new interview with "Out" magazine, Meghan tries to separate herself from the other "useful idiots" in the party. In this clip, the commentators ponder McCain's motives for calling Joe The Plumber a "dumbass". They conclude that he must have tried to hit that. I surely can't think of any other reason.

1. Gets Humiliated on Bill Maher
• Just when you thought Meghan might have what it takes to compete, she gets embarrassed on Bill Maher for lacking an education. Sounding more like the face of blonde jokes rather than the face of a political party, Meghan shrivels up like her old man. Next.