arcmouse_opener-2-1 WHAT: Microsoft Arc Mouse

COMPARE TO: Logitech V550 Nano, Macally Optimo,


FUN FACT:The Microsoft Arc Special Edition is available in Marine Blue, Deep Olive Green, Eggplant Purple, and Frost White.

Choosing a mouse may seem like an afterthought to most, but when you think of all the time you spend on your computer each and everyday, it becomes painfully clear that your peripherals are almost as important as the computer they're attached to. How many of you have a special keyboard, chair or headphones at your job that you'd be lost in the sauce without? After testing Microsoft's new Arc Mouse, we believe it deserves a spot in everyone's desktop arsenal...


• Despite it's diminutive size, the Arc is one of the most comfortable portable mice we've ever used. Other competitors are so tiny they easily get lost in even the smallest of hands, leaving your skin dragging against the surface. Not a good look. Looking to bridge the gap between desktop and portable mice, Mircosoft found a way to deliver desktop size with the same (or, better, if you ask us) portability as most notebook options. This was accomplished by ingeniously allowing the rear third of the Arc to fold inwards to 60% of its normal size. We're surprised Michael Bay didn't enlist one for Revenge of the Fallen. At first the Quasimodo shape seems a bit extreme, but stick with it, and after a while you'll think to yourself why isn't every mouse shaped like this?

• Now-a-days mice are either over inundated with buttons making them look like a prop from Battlestar Gallactica, or their simple to the point that they don't do even the most simple of tasks. The Arc finds a great balance between the two. Including along with the flush right and left click buttons are two fully programmable buttons: the extremely smooth scroll wheel and a button found on the top left side. Whether you're using Windows or a Mac. these two buttons can be used to do just about anything.

• If you're not using a wireless mouse by now, you're losing. The Arc employs a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver that instantly works when plugged into an available USB port. Once connected, the Arc can work flawlessly up to 30ft away from the receiver. And thanks to Microsoft's Laser technology, it can work on any surface—glass, wood, carpet, it doesn't matter. As long as you're in range, it'll work. When you're done just unplug the receiver and easily mount it to the magnetic surface underneath the fold-able rear third so you don't lose it. Trust us, if you've used wireless USB mice before, this is a godsend.