So of course by now you've heard about the dickbag who cut a hole in the wall and surreptitiously taped Erin Andrews in her hotel room. And while she's an attractive woman, whoever thought this was an okay thing to do has clearly not been paying attention to the List of Acceptable Means of Looking At Undressed Women. It's a very, very long list, including internet pornography, incessant wheedling, and patent leather shoes, so to somehow violate that list is both difficult to do and proof that you are an unredeemable piece of crap.

You know who else is an unredeemable piece of crap? All these other voyeurs we found and exposed below. Plus, they got caught, so they're evil and incompetent! If you want to know how not to go about looking at naked ladies, watch the news reports below and peep (sorry!) game...

Don't Forget to NOT FILM YOURSELF:

Please Ignore the Cell Phone I Left in Your Shower (Geek Squad):

You'd Think A Lazy Eye Would Be a Hindrance, But No:

You're Supposed to Peep, Not BE Peeped:

Mustache? Check. Three-Part Hillbilly Name? Check.:

Watch Out, Bargain-Minded White Ladies of North Carolina:

Bonus Creepy Points For Urinating Into Someone's Milk Carton!: