Not long ago, I defended the ethical weakness of some lawmakers who deviate from their spouse. I argued that it was a personal matter; an expected side-effect of egotistical overachievers; a pimple on the face of otherwise unblemished leadership.

Well, Gov. Mark Sanford's recent tryst complicates the issue. It's one thing to duck the press and the wife, but something's odd when your own staff thinks you're hiking in the Appalachians on a squirrel and moonshine diet, when, in fact, you're essentially a sex tourist in Argentina. Not a good look. Like all cheating politicians that get busted, Sanford faced the time-honored tradition of extreme public humiliation via press conference. Although painful to watch, these public displays of grief are necessary tools to heal our wounds of lost trust. Let's a take a glance back...  

 5. Gov. James McGreevey (D) NJ, 2004
Never one to waste time, McGreevey consolidated several things with this one conference: Admitted cronyism, resigned from office, terminated his marriage, announced his new lover and became the first openly gay governor is U.S. history. His wife at the time would later compare this press conference to their sex life: "It's almost like an out-of-body experience. You're there physically, but your mind is elsewhere."


 4. Sen. Larry Craig (R) ID, 2007
When Sen. Craig wasn't voting against gay marriage, he was being arrested for engaging in gay sex acts in the Minneapolis Airport's bathroom. It's safe to say, his career was a wrap once they leaked the rap sheet. Shout out to his wife for remaining in denial.   

 3. Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) NY, 2008
In what was one of the biggest political bombshells in recent memory, Spitzer seemed more irritated than anything in this infamous clip that ended his promising, hypocritical career. Ashley, on the other hand ... 


 2. Sen. John Edwards (D) NC, 2008
Edwards made a name for himself eloquently describing the struggle between "Two Americas". Little did we know, he was actually talking about two women. Realizing that his image of a morally-sound dreamer had been shattered, Edwards hit primetime to bullshit his way out of divorce court. You almost fooled me, John!



1. Gov. Mark Sanford (R) SC, 2009
The pressures of running South Cackalack took its toll on the Republican Governor, who started running around with a mysterious Argentinean woman. Apparently, the governer's office doesn't block AdultFriendFinder on their computers. Hopefully it was worth the kisses, because he can certainly kiss those presidential aspirations long goodbye.