What could be better than spreading your seed around town? Spreading your seed around town and getting paid for it, son! And what's even better than that? Well, according to critics, HBO's new series Hung is. The dark comedy, which premieres this weekend, is about a well-endowed, down-on-his-luck high school basketball coach (Thomas Jane) who becomes a male escort to make ends meet. And meet ends he does!

HBO is hardly the first to tap into the gigolo genre. Something about the concept of a male prostitute is oddly tantalizing for creative types, and the idea has found its way into movies, television shows, and music over the years. In honor of the market for meat, we give you our list of the most entertaining gigolos. Trust us, it pays (to read on)...

• Love him of leave him (or love him and leave him), real-life former gigolo Mickey sold himself out and not his music. At least until he did that Boost Moble ad.