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After John McCain was defeated in the national election, commentators applauded his concession speech as one that promoted national unity following a racially-charged campaign. Basically, "thanks for not trying a coup, John." But many sore losers still had a bone to pick with President Obama. Unsurprisingly, the latest snub comes from McCain's home state, Arizona. Now don't get me wrong, in no way am I lumping all people from AZ into this category. Clearly, racist fuckery exists all over. But there seems to be a pattern in recent Arizona history that makes you wonder who's running things over there...*glares towards @janbrewer*

5. Barry Goldwater Supports Segregation, 1964
• Before the GOP officially embraced the so-called "southern strategy" to win elections - namely inciting racism for votes - Arizona Senator, Barry Goldwater, set the tone. He was the only politician who was not an overtly racist southern segregationist to vote against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. What a maverick! His career quickly excelled.

4. John McCain Votes Against Civil Rights Act, 1990
• McCain carried on the Goldwater tradition of creating a faux-persona of moderate conservatism, while in fact embracing extreme policies. He unapologetically voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1990, giving President George H.W. Bush the one vote he needed to become the first U.S. President to veto civil rights legislation. The Bush clan would later return the favor by smearing McCain's family during the 2000primary. Class Acts.

3. Arizona Rejects MLK Day As A Federal Holiday, 1983
• It's not a surprise that McCain vetoed the Civil Rights Act, considering that in 1983 he voted against declaring MLK day a national holiday. Despite protests, Arizona remains the only state in the union that does not officially acknowledge Martin Luther King's birthday. 21st century FAIL.

2. White Arizona College Students Celebrate MLK Day in Black Face, 2007
• The racially twisted stances set by some Arizona political leaders clearly trickled down to segments of Arizona's "I love college" population. In 2007, some students from the predominantly white University of Arizona took it upon themselves to celebrate MLK day in blackface as they dressed up as their "favorite black person". Do something crazy!

1. ASU Refuses To Award Obama an Honorary Degree, 2009
• This investigative report by The Daily Show is as hilarious as it is disturbing. Hopefully, by the time I get to Arizona these douche bags will be the real public enemy. Here's Obama's response.