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This interview with Mr. Tyrese Gibson almost didn't happen, due to me being stuck in traffic that felt like forever because of a terrible car accident (not my car but some cars way ahead of me). The last minute person like I am, I checked to see if I could interview him for Complex.com the very same day (1 hr before) he was leaving for a flight, but Mr. Gibson agreed to stick around and wait for me as long as he could, and I assured him that It would only take a few minutes to get to him. I knew I had more than enough time to get to him but there was one problem... I'm from New York City, and I know nothing! L.A. traffic is serious!

So as I was saying, about an hour later I'm still in traffic and upset because I was really looking forward to doing this interview with Mr. Gibson, and was disappointed when I had to call him from the car to explain why I was not going to be there for my face to face interview with him and I knew he had a very important flight to catch. He told me "It's cool, I understood," so I asked him when would he able to reschedule? He said, "No, it's cool I understand things happen. I gave you my word, I'm going to stick around until you get here." I was very thankful he waited around for me at his office (his office is really nice by the way) risking missing his flight, and when I got there my laptop would not work, and could not get to my questions that I wanted to ask him (yeah, I know I know). I called my laptop a few bad names (Tyrese was laughing at me while that was going on), so all I could do was laugh and decided to ask him what came to mind instead...hmmm I think that's called journalism, huh? Mr. Gibson was a kind enough to answer the questions, and then left for his flight, but the bottom line is, do you see how much sacrifice is involved by two people who are passionate about comic books? Yeah, it can cause MAYHEM! please enjoy the interview and leave comments. Thank you...

Percy Carey: You have a solid career in music, as well as a strong film career, being a part of several iconic films and characters, why have you decided to branch out into comics?

Tyrese Gibson: I have always been open minded to new things, and I've said this a few times: I'm no comic book veteran, but when I went to ComiCon to promote Death Race, that energy out there really did something to me. I had no idea...So that's when I decided I wanted to not only be a part of this world, but I wanna create something that I know the die hard comic book followers out there would appreciate.

Percy Carey: That definitely makes sense. The challenge to create a new character who has the opportunity to become part of pop culture like the great ones of the past. It's very similar to film in so many ways. What about the creative side of comic books? How different is it from the creative side of film?

Tyrese Gibson: The creative team for comics is much smaller than a film; it allows people to be fully immersed in the process. As part of the creative team, it allows me to be more involved with projects. With film, there are so many aspects that have to be managed, when producers go over everything, I don't see how they can possibly stay sane. Comics is the opposite in that regard. While in film, the producers must oversee set production, costume, location, but with comics you only have a few people to get on the same page with, the writer, and the artist. Because of this, development time is a fraction of what it would be for a film. Creating a comic book is still just as difficult as working on a film, some days it seems moreso, however the saved time allows creators to devote more time to crafting the best story possible and creating a larger catalogue. It's easy for me to be involved with projects and shape them into great stories. It allows me to guide the other members of the creative team, men and women who are the best at what they do, towards dynamic and, hopefully one day iconic stories.

Percy Carey: Speaking of, you've been getting out and involved with comic fans over the last couple of years because of your love for comics and your involvement with some comic and toy related films. What do you think about the fans?

Tyrese Gibson: I have great respect for comic book lovers. They have been extremely supportive of me, especially due to Transformers 1 and 2 . Just like my supporters of music and film, they're the ones who gave me energy to enter the comic book profession too. I embrace them all equally, because without them, I wouldn't be here. True comic book fans can smell bullshit a mile away, which is great and what's needed for the comic industry; because it forces creators to put out a higher grade of product. Stories and books have to be top notch, and at the end of the day, I thank them for holding everyone to a higher standard.

Percy Carey: So can you tell the audience about your new comic MAYHEM!?

Tyrese Gibson: MAYHEM! is the story of a masked vigilante who takes matters into his own hands by protecting The city of Los Angeles and its people from injustice.

Percy Carey: What inspired your to create MAYHEM!?

Tyrese Gibson: I always wanted to create a character that is so focused on bringing justice and balance to the world that they are willing to go to the ends of the earth to achieve it.

Percy Carey: Why would people identify with him?

Tyrese Gibson: People will be able to identify with MAYHEM! because MAYHEM! believes in saving innocent people that the system was meant to protect but for one reason or another is neglected by the very same people sworn to protect them. I believe that most people if given the chance would stand up against injustice. Some might not agree with MAYHEM!'s methods, but if you were to interview the people he saved, I'm quite sure they would have a totally different perspective. I'm not sure what each individual would say about him!, but I'm sure there's one thing they will say in common to him.. and that's "thank you!" MAYHEM! gets the job done!.

Percy Carey: Ok, now Tyrese, there's rumors MAYHEM! is with MARVEL, There's rumors that it's with DC Comics, There's rumors that it's with DARK HORSE and there's rumors that it's with IMAGE or maybe BOOM! Studios. Each of the five companies mentioned are power houses in their own right. Can you please set the record straight, and tell the people which one is the place MAYHEM! calls home?

Tyrese Gibson: [Laughs] I can't reveal that right now...

Percy Carey: OK. I respect that. When?

Tyrese Gibson: I give you my word I'll announce it by your next column. How about that?

Percy Carey: That's next Wednesday?

Tyrese Gibson: I'll announce it right here, man! For the whole world.

Percy Carey: Ok, but could you at least tell me if it's one of the five I just mentioned?

Tyrese Gibson: Yes, it's one of those five, I'll give you that.

Percy Carey: Have you ever thought about writing other comic book characters for other companies?

Tyrese Gibson: Clearly, my focus is on Mayhem! but if I had to write other characters it would be at either Marvel or DC...

Percy Carey: [Interrupting] ...So it's one of those two, huh?

Tyrese Gibson: No, I wasn't finish talking, you cutting me off brother [Laughs]. I was going to say or Dark Horse or Image or BOOM! as well.

Percy Carey: [Laughs] Ok, my bad.

Tyrese Gibson: You going all Terry Moran on me huh? [Laughs]

Percy Carey: Last question, Tyrese—after MAYHEM!, do you see yourself creating another comic book?

Tyrese Gibson: Definitely. I have a love for comics that continues to grow and only true comic book lovers understand what I mean. It's a feeling that I wish the whole world could enjoy equally. I look forward to sharing my creations that with others and hopefully they find some type of joy in my creations. You never know who you inspire.

Percy Carey: I love Twitter.com (@percycarey) and I know the Twitter community follows Complex.com very closely. What is your Twitter name and what would you like to say to your loyal followers in the Twitter community?

Tyrese Gibson: My Twitter name is @Tyrese4ReaL and I would say when you follow; you just might meet the NEW YOU. I call my Twit page "The Love Circle"..No 2 day is the same...Feel free to follow..Here's my personal invitation...@Tyrese4ReaL

Percy Carey: Tyrese, I would like to apologize for being so late I was stuck in traffic for so long thank you for waiting around for me and I know I speak for all of your supporters we really appreciate you doing this interview.

Tyrese Gibson: [Laughs] Welcome to Los Angeles, It's no problem. we can add on to this as soon as I get back

Percy Carey: Have a safe flight.

Tyrese Gibson: Thank you.

Speaking of MAYHEM! you must check our family the Madtwiinz, the creator of Blokhedz animation. They will be working closely with Arch-Enemy Entertainment and Tyrese Gibson on the animation side, so I'm asking complex.com viewers to show some support and check them out at www.MissionG.com please leave a comment about Blokhedz animation here in the forum after viewing their work at www.MissionG.com



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