For all you little punks that used to like to put sand in your parents' Vaseline jars, tomorrow's a big day. Ever since the spring of 1307 BC when Moses published the 11th Commandment ("Thou shalt not eat the green M&Ms"), April 1st has been a day for folk to act the fool on each other.

Most of the pranks are harmless, but some have unforeseen consequences that bring some serious ish down on the pranked or prankee, or both. Complex reviewed (recent) history, and came up with a grading system ("wrong," "wronger," "wrong as f*ck") to describe The Worst Pranks Gone Wrong of All Time.

Dryer Prank Gone Wrong!

Garbage Man Prank Gone Wrong

College Prank Gone Hilariously Wrong

Scare Prank Gone Bad

4 Arrested in 'Fire In The Hole' Hot Sauce Prank

Man Arrested After Making False 911 Calls

Prank Call Gone Horribly Wrong!

Stop Signs Are There for a Reason
In the all-time most fucked-up prank gone wrong ever, three Florida teens were killed after being run over by an 8-ton truck in an intersection where the stop signs had been removed. Three other teenagers were convicted of removing the signs and sentenced to 15 years in prison, although their convictions were later overturned.