The "O" face seen 'round the world.

When news reporters hit the streets for live reports, they're always vulnerable to public harassment. Cameras make people do stupid shit, and when you add alcohol and adrenaline to the mix, the stage is set for all kinds of on-air fuckery. The recent Spanish news clip of a soccer fan laying imaginary pipe to an unwitting reporter is just the latest example of a civilian manipulating a live news camera.

Whether out of anger, perversion or drunkness (or all three), on-air reporter attacks are always funny. That's why we're bringing you the best news-crashing moments on live television...

• Gay love > Wall St. crash.

• And she thought the "You guys know Apu?" joke would be a good icebreaker.

• Note how he dropped down and gave homegirl the shoulder lean.

• We thought you knew: Don't fuck with the Hasids!

• You ever go drinking with a bunch of Australians? Never a dull moment.

• Sometimes you gotta side with the reporter. Sucks but dude got fired for this.

• Only George Michael would want to be accosted by this many drunken Englishmen.

• Dude was ready to start reenacting the first clip.

• The beauty of mob's funny with snowballs but when it's a homeless dude getting beaten by skateboards? Well...still funny.

• Fast-forward to 1:14 for the good stuff. Is it any coincidence that most of these clips originate in the U.K.?

• She didn't even miss a beat.

• You know that reporter is Lisa Evers from "Street Soldiers," right? She probably shanked the dude off-camera.

• "Put that on the news!!!" Yeah, BITCH.

• The streets is hungry, kid! Protect your iPhone.

• Sometimes it seems like the news broadcasts actually want on-air fuckery to happen. C'mon, a live report on New Year's Eve in Lake Tahoe? WTF you think is gonna happen?

• Anderson Cooper found this a little too funny.

• Last but not least: TELL THEM I SAID FUCK YOU!