Oops! Britney Spears did it again.

Want to know what's up with Britney Spears's vagina? Well, she'll tell you. Not on purpose, mind you. At a concert in Tampa last week on her her Circus Tour, Brit did the paparazzi's job for them by accidentally announced a wardrobe malfunction and the state of her blossoming flower to the audience when she thought her mic was off in between songs.

Her latest encounter with a hot mic is embarrassing, but she's not the first celebrity to get caught out there (and at least this time when "it just slipped" she didn't further K-Fed's gene line). As Spears hangs her head and wonders if loose lips really do sink ships, check out 10 of the most memorable celebrity slip-ups.

• Britney Spears's pussy is hangin' out. Someone in her entourage should really tell her they've got surgeries for that.

• Kathy Griffin doesn't knock the dicks out of her hecklers' mouths. But she will make them deep throat hers.

• Now that Barack Obama is president, Jesse Jackson would like to clarify: He would like to cut off Barack Obama's nuts...if they ever get infected and threaten the life of such a great and noble man.

• Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan are objective journalists, and their objective is to completely humiliate Sarah Palin on MSNBC.

• Apparently Yao Ming's English teacher was a truck driver with Tourette's syndrome.

• When he was owner of the Texas Rangers, George Bush hung around the locker room a lot'hence his ability to spot a major league asshole.

• Sue Simmons curses in a fit of baffled rage. In her defense, she'd just noticed Chuck Scarborough was filming the teaser with his "news anchor" pulled out.

• When it comes to putting his foot in his mouth, Shaq goes hard to the hole and doesn't give a shit if it's during a live broadcast.

• Christian Bale explodes on the set of Terminator Salvation because, while he can act like any character, he can't act like people aren't walking around on set during takes. FUCK'S SAKE, MAN, HE'S AMATEUR!

• Andrew Bynum gets excited by the way Lamar "L.O." Odom gets his hands on so many loose balls...