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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we here at the Comic Book Corner have decided to share with you the top five comic book relationships of all time. These are the couples who have managed to stand the test of time despite the constant hassle of conflicting schedules, alien invasions, evil doppelgangers, and in-laws...

percy_romance_batman_edit.jpg#5: Batman (Bruce Wayne) &
Talia al Ghul

Catwoman may be the fans' choice as the future Mrs. Batman, but true fan boys know that the real woman in Bruce Wayne's life has always been Talia al Ghul. It's a true Romeo and Juliet story. Their forbidden love; him being the cape crusader, her being the daughter of his mortal enemy. It's classic love story. And she's his baby mama'top that Selina Kyle.
percy_romance_swamp_edit.jpg#4: Swamp Thing (Alec Holland) &
Abigail Arcane Holland

This relationship shows that love is color blind and possibly vegetarian. This is a Beauty and the Beast tale, a gorgeous woman and a horrific creature that's really just a big teddy bear underneath all the sludge and fungi. In Alan Moore's classic run, they manage to work around their flora-fauna compatibility issues and make sweet love like only a woman and a vegetable can.
percy_romance_reedrichards.jpg#3: Reed Richards & Sue Storm Richards

A nuclear family, molded after Ward and June Cleaver, if Ward was a stretchy super genius and Sue was homemaker/sexpot. They've been together over fifty years. Infidelity has always been right around corner, but can you blame her really? With Reed being so wrapped up in his work, what girl wouldn't be swept up by an exotic suitor (Namor, Dr. Doom, etc)? Now they're working to piece together their relationship after the stress of Civil War. Maybe Johnny and Ben can watch the kids and give these two some much deserved time to themselves.
percy_romance_superman_edit.jpg#2: Superman & Lois Lane

You can picture the singles ad for this one: Single white female with Type A personality seeks uberpowerful alien boy scout god. Women love a powerful man and it doesn't get any more powerful than the last son of Krypton. They are Metropolis's number one power couple. Although I'm sure Lois would rather have a timeshare in Maui than a Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic Circle.
percy_romances_xmen_edit.jpg#1: Scott Summers & Jean Grey

True love never dies, or should I say never stays dead long. C'mon guys, we've all been here before. Girl of your dreams turns out to be the living embodiment of evil hell bent on destroying the universe, huh, huh? But you'll always have a one up on her when she gets on your case about chores around the house or hanging out let with the fellas. "Remember that time you tried to destroy the universe?" should stall any argument before it starts.

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