The Nintendo DSi isn't even out yet in the U.S., and Japan already has LE colorways. Oye. [Crunchgear]

Dior Homme "Blow" Sunglasses. Going absolutely nuts, in an awesome kind of way. [High Snobiety]

Reyes of the graf collective The Seventh Letter just finished a mural for the upcoming Marc Jacobs "Weekend at Steven's" exhibition at the LV store in San Francisco. Is a bag in the works? [Juxtapoz]

Barack Obama better get shit moving before we destroy ourselves. Fig. A: the Chanel Segway. Holy crap. [Pedestrian]

Moncler Spring. [Marcus Troy]

What is it about living in Asia that allows you to act all wierd with your product design? Surrender Arts x Medicom Be@rbrick. Cool, in a transgender Fridays kind of way (?). [Freshness]