The only thing Ayo! Scott likes less than film remakes is getting brain from a chick with bucked teeth. It is fortunate then that the new Friday the 13th is not a rehashing of the original 1980 slasher classic, in which a grief-crazed mother stalks Camp Crystal Lake killing horny, doped up counselors because her son Jason Voorhees drowned while counselors were distracted by their doped up horniness...
Rather, director Marcus Nispel, who did rehash The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 2003, adds a slickly shot new chapter to the horror story. This one unfolds with young, undead, deformed Jason witnessing the decapitation of his mother by the lone survivor of her 1980 killing spree. As any good son would, he listens to the voice of his dead mom and picks up the machete to continue punishing the world for his family's tragedy.

Fast forward to present day, where gargantuan Jason, played by Derek Mears, uses his machete, axes, arrows, screwdrivers, campfires and anything else that can be used to savage someone to terrorize a new generation of hedonistic, half naked young people, including Complex subjects Aaron Yoo and Amanda Righetti. While it is a new chapter, Nispel's Friday the 13th is essentially the same old story for Jason. And that's exactly what Ayo! and other fans of the franchise have been craving. It beats bucked tooth brains any day. Check out the trailer and see if a good slashing suits you.