Tomorrow will be remembered as a day of mourning for the Apple faithful. Due to personal health issues, CEO and founder Steve Jobs will not be delivering his renowned keynote speech at the 2009 MacWorld conference. Not only that, but it was announced that this is going to be the last year Apple will be at the world's biggest trade show, supposedly because they no longer want the pressure of releasing new products every year. Right.

They can try to spin it, but it seems like Apple may have hit a wall. Fair enough'how much cool, game changing, zeitgeist shit can one company possibly release in a decade? But they forgot one little fact: people will buy anything with an Apple logo. In fact, we've proposed a few new markets Apple should look into before calling all the big MacWorld announcements off...

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• Yeah, we know it's been rumored to death, but this seems too logical to pass up. LG already announced that they're teaming up with NetFlix to allow you to stream movie rentals directly to their TVs. Catch up, Stevie.


• Everyone has an energy drink. Even Lil' Jon. There's no reason for Apple not to cash in on this. If their drink promised not only to keep you awake but to also grant the ability to repurpose products already on the market as your own invention, then, shit, all the better.

• If a highly coveted, creative, always in vogue, but stuck up German car company with a love of industrial design can delve into the world of kitchen appliances, then why can't a highly coveted, creative, always in vogue, but stuck up American computer company with a love of industrial design, do the same?

• Just in case people don't see the Apple logo on your laptop or peep you talking on your iPhone, you can rock Apple's cologne so people don't miss how much of a pretentious lemming you really are.

• To really help you live the lifestyle you hoped your Apple purchase would afford you, Apple needs to begin making furniture to compliment the design of their products. We know you wish your apartment felt as sterile as an Apple Store.

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