Movies: Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (2005), A Nightmare On Elm Street (2000)

In last year’s marvelous David Fincher thriller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, newcomer Rooney Mara, who earned an Academy Award nomination for her work, blew audiences away and showed that she’s nothing like her newbie ingénue peers. Well, at least not on the screen. Away from the directors’ cameras, however, Mara unfortunately proved that she’s just another too-prestigious-for-horror flip-flopper by chastising her involvement in 2010's admittedly horrendous remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street; yes, the film sucks, but it also gave Mara a starring role that most hot, on-the-rise actresses her age would’ve killed for. And what about her smaller role in the equally lame and unnecessary slasher sequel Urban Legends: Bloody Mary? As much as she’d love for it to be the case, Mara’s career didn’t begin with The Social Network. Sometimes, the truth does indeed hurt.