Movie: Death Machine (1994)

Forget the fact that Rachel Weisz, the supremely gifted English actress whose films include The Constant Gardener, Enemy At The Gates, and The Fountain, once played an anonymous character simply known as “Junior Executive.” The coolest thing about her involvement in 1994’s grisly sci-fi/action/horror hybrid Death Machine is that the Academy Award winner (Best Supporting Actress in 2006, for The Constant Gardener) can say she once worked on a movie that was banned in countries like Iraq, China, and Australia. The reason: Death Machine, about a gadget maker (Brad Dourif) who makes one of his top creations decimate the employers who recently fired him, is over-the-top violent. In one insane scene, the vengeful “Warbeast” thrashes its way through an elevator full of unlucky, ripe-for-the-picking bastards.