Movie: Phenomena (1985)

We knew there was a underlying reason why the mere thought of Jennifer Connelly always fills us with those warm fuzzies inside. Not only is she gorgeous and talented, but the venerable Connelly is also an alumna of the Dario Argento School of Horror. And that, as any genre head will affirm, is no joke. In her first-ever starring role, a then-15-year-old Connelly took the lead in the Italian shock-master’s typically batshit, and nonetheless amazing, cinematic bloodbath, about a madwoman who’s slaughtering at an all-girls academy (mmm...naughty schoolgirls). In addition to her psychic powers, Connelly’s character (also named Jennifer) also has an unabashed affinity for bugs, which comes in handy when, in one of Phenomena’s (renamed Creepers here in the States) sickest moments, she calls upon a swarm of flies to bite chunks out of a dude’s flesh. She does lose cool points for one maneuver, though: When a lengthy making-of documentary popped up on Phenomena’s special U.K. Blu-ray release last year, Argento and most of the cast’s voices were heard giving anecdotes, but not Connelly’s. Don’t let us find out that she’s ashamed, now.