Movie: Leprechaun (2003)

In most cases, it’d be perfectly justifiable for an actress of Jennifer Aniston’s stature to down-talk a filmography-stainer the likes of 2003’s lame-brained Leprechaun, but Ms. Aniston hasn’t exactly proven herself as a box office titan. Take the money earned by her most recent flop, the otherwise passable comedy Wanderlust: a measly $7 million over its opening weekend, continuing a string of poor Aniston-led performances. So, if it weren’t for all of her gossip blog mentions, glamorous photo shoots, and post-Friends goodwill, Aniston could very well be calling Warwick Davis and pitching a Leprechaun spoof on his new HBO mockumentary series Life’s Too Short. Come to think of it, that’s a great idea. We take back the credibility jabs.