Movie: Freddy Vs. Jason (2003)

How insignificant was Lost star Evangeline Lilly in one of her first movies, the 2003 slasher smackdown Freddy Vs. Jason? Her role is technically uncredited, and when it is acknowledged, Lilly’s character is simply referred to as “School Student, Next to Locker.” Eagle-eyed fans of her incredibly mysterious sci-fi hit will instantly notice the beautiful brunette in one of the movie’s school hallway sequences, in which two of the main characters bicker as nosy classmates crowd around them; Lilly, not given any dialogue, looks naturally attractive while sporting a green sweater and clutching a textbook. Why should she give a damn about the past, though? Lilly recently appeared in both Hobbit films,  and will soon be seen in the next installments of the Avengers franchise. Yeah, she’s doing just fine.