Load Management

Load Management

Sports podcasts are everywhere these days. But what’s lacking are the honest and insightful conversations between hosts and athletes who often struggle to relate to each other. All too often athletes are afraid to let their guard down and tell it like it is—whether it’s about their sport or other genres of interest like music, pop culture, sneakers, and style. What’s the solution? Welcome the ‘Load Management’ podcast where athletes are able to speak their minds in an unfiltered setting with Complex Sports authorities Chopz and Adam. Thriving at the convergence of culture and sports, ‘Load Management’ sifts through the BS to give fans real insights into sports through a unique lens only Complex could present. The ‘Load Management’ podcast brings a realness to an audience that wants to hear the truth and craves forward thinking. Our aim is to elevate the sports conversation through exclusive discussions with the knowledgeable staff at Complex and athletes or other members of the sports media world the audience knows, respects, and can’t wait to hear tell it like it really is.



January 21, 2020

Pascal Siakam Talks Drake, Raptors Title, Kawhi + Aaron Hernandez Doc Reactions: Listen To 'Load Management' Ep. 10

On this week's episode of Load Management, Chopz and Adam are joined by Toronto Raptors forward Pascal Siakam to talk about his all-star season, the best part of winning a championship in Toronto, Spicy P nickname, Drake's new house, and

January 14, 2020

Christian Yelich Talks Baker, Giannis, + NFL Championship Picks: Listen To 'Load Management' Episode 10

On this week's episode of the Load Management podcast, Chopz and Adam are joined by NL MVP Christian Yelich to talk about his recent charity softball game, baseball movies, the Houston Astros, friendship with Baker Mayfield, and more. Later, the

January 7, 2020

Caron Butler Talks Top-5 Ever, Lakers vs. Clippers + NFL Picks: Listen To 'Load Management' Episode 9

On this week's episode of Load Management, Adam & Chopz are joined by NBA legend Caron Butler to talk about the current favorite in the NBA, why he likes this Lakers team so much, Gilbert Arenas stories, and shares his

December 31, 2019

Melvin Gordon Talks Chargers Future, NFL Trade Drama, Best Rappers: Listen to 'Load Management' Episode 8

On today's NYE episode of Load Management, Pro Bowl running back Melvin Gordon joins Adam and Chopz to talk about his future with the Chargers, what it was like holding out, how the NFL is turning into the NBA, and

December 24, 2019

Jay Williams and Gary Payton Join for Mega-NBA Podcast: Listen to 'Load Management' Episode 7

On this episode of Load Management, ESPN's Jay Williams joins Adam and Chopz in studio to talk about all things NBA, from the dynamics of the Rockets to who is currently better between the Clippers and the Lakers. The crew

December 19, 2019

Bobby Portis Talks Knicks Season, Trade Rumors, NFL Trash Talk: Listen to 'Load Management' Episode 6

On this special bonus episode of Load Management, Knicks forward Bobby Portis joins Chopz and Adam to talk about the ups and downs of this Knicks season, what it's like to get traded in the NBA, being a Cowboys fan,

December 17, 2019

Iman Shumpert Talks Nets Departure, Kyrie Misunderstood, Knicks & Cavs Stories: Listen to 'Load Management' Ep. 5

On this episode of Load Management, Chopz and Zion are joined by Iman Shumpert to talk about his sudden departure from the Brooklyn Nets, why Kyrie Irving is the most misunderstood player in the NBA, untold stories from the Cavs'

December 10, 2019

Knicks Turmoil, Odell Wants Out, Lamar is the Coolest: Listen to 'Load Management' Episode 4

On this episode of Load Management, Adam and Chopz talk about the Knicks firing David Fizdale, how to fix the franchise and who the next head coach should be. They also talked about Odell Beckham Jr. wanting out of Cleveland,

December 3, 2019

Patriots Finished? Fixing the NBA, Luka Doncic Hype Train: Listen to 'Load Management' Episode 3

On the latest episode of Load Management, Chopz and Adam recap every Week 13 NFL game and debate whether Tom Brady is washed and the Patriots are done. They also talk about the Ravens as Super Bowl favorites before addressing the Luka

November 26, 2019

Allen Iverson Joins the ‘Load Management’ Podcast

On this week’s Load Management podcast, NBA legend Allen Iverson joins Adam and Chopz to talk about his all-time top five, his top 50 players snub, his favorite teammates ever, and much more. Listen, subscribe, and rate now.

November 19, 2019

Listen to Episode 1 of 'Load Management,' the Complex Sports Podcast

On Episode 1 of the Complex Sports Load Management podcast, Adam Caparell and Zach "Chopz" Frydenlund go back and forth on the Myles Garrett suspension and media reaction, and all the details surrounding Carmelo Anthony signing with the Blazers. Later,