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Sports podcasts are everywhere these days. But what’s lacking are the honest and insightful conversations between hosts and athletes who often struggle to relate to each other. All too often athletes are afraid to let their guard down and tell it like it is—whether it’s about their sport or other genres of interest like music, pop culture, sneakers, and style. What’s the solution? Welcome the ‘Load Management’ podcast where athletes are able to speak their minds in an unfiltered setting with Complex Sports authorities Chopz and Adam. Thriving at the convergence of culture and sports, ‘Load Management’ sifts through the BS to give fans real insights into sports through a unique lens only Complex could present. The ‘Load Management’ podcast brings a realness to an audience that wants to hear the truth and craves forward thinking. Our aim is to elevate the sports conversation through exclusive discussions with the knowledgeable staff at Complex and athletes or other members of the sports media world the audience knows, respects, and can’t wait to hear tell it like it really is.



May 26, 2020

Le'Veon Bell Talks Jets, MJ/LeBron, Drake/Jay Z, Tom Brady, & More: Listen to Ep. 28 'Load Management'

On this week's Load Management podcast, New York Jets running back Le'Veon Bell joins the crew to talk about how he's spending his time during quarantine, his life as a gamer, his music career, and the upcoming NFL season. The Complex Sports squad went deep on his favorite video games, his favorite rappers, why he thinks LeBron James is probably the GOAT, and why he thinks the Jets don't have the worst uniforms in the NFL. We also talked about being surprised by NFL trades, the Tom Brady move, and whether or not Jets head coach Adam Gase listens to his music.

May 19, 2020

Jalen Rose & Danny Green Talk 'Last Dance,' NBA Return, and MJ/LeBron: Listen to Ep. 27 'Load Management'

On this week's 'Load Management' podcast episode, Jalen Rose and Danny Green join Chopz, Adam, and Zion to talk about their deals with Puma, giving back to the community, their thoughts on The Last Dance documentary, the MJ/LeBron debate, and much more. The guys also played a game of "One Gotta Go" with Rose and Green and also fired off some rapid questions around the NBA, hip-hop, and Marvel movies.  

May 12, 2020

LaVar Ball Talks LaMelo, Status of BBB, Michael Jordan, and More: Listen to Ep. 26 of 'Load Management'

On this week's 'Load Management' episode, Big Baller Brand leader LaVar Ball joins the show to talk about the status of the relaunched brand, why LaMelo Ball will be the No.1 pick, where he wants his youngest son to land, and why the Pelicans would have upset the Lakers if they faced off in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Later, Ball talks about his sons signing with Roc Nation, his thoughts on The Last Dance  documentary and Michael Jordan, and much more.

May 5, 2020

Andre Drummond Talks NBA Rap Game, Quarantine Life: Listen to Ep. 25 of 'Load Management'

On this week's 'Load Management' podcast, Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star Andre Drummond joins the crew to talk about life in quarantine, his goal with this music, which NBA guys he would rap battle, and much more. Later, Complex Sneakers Podcast host Joe La Puma joins to breakdown the most recent episodes of The Last Dance documentary.

April 28, 2020

Aaron Gordon Talks DWade Diss Track and 'Last Dance': Listen to 'Load Management' Ep. 24

On this week's 'Load Management' podcast, Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon joins the guys to talk about his new Dwayne Wade diss song, "9/10," how the song came together, what he's going to do if Wade responds, and much more. Later, Aaron plays a game of "One Gotta Go" before the guys jump into a full breakdown of this week's "The Last Dance" and NFL Draft winners and losers.

April 21, 2020

Adam Schefter Talks OBJ Rumors, NFL Draft + 'Last Dance' Reactions: Listen to 'Load Management' Ep. 23

On this week's 'Load Management' podcast, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joins Chopz and Adam to talk about everything going on with Thursday's NFL Draft. They talk about potential surprises, where Tua Tagovailoa will land, who the second QB taken will be, and much more. They also get into Odell Beckham Jr. trade rumors and Schefter shares a bold prediction about the NFL season. Later, Zion joins Adam and Chopz to talk about The Last Dance documentary as the guys share their reactions and talk about the first two episodes.

April 14, 2020

Jay Bilas Talks LaMelo Ball Hype and College Basketball During Covid: Listen to 'Load Management' Ep. 22

On this week's episode of Load Management, ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas joins Chopz, Adam, and Zion to talk about the cancellation of March Madness, who he thinks would have won it all, his favorite Duke players ever, and much more. Later, Bilas and the guys dive into the NBA Draft and how the Covid-19 pandemic will alter the process going into this year. Bilas also talks about the LaMelo Ball hype and why he's not sure it will all work out. And finally, after checking in at No. 7 on our Sports Media Bookshelf Background rankings, Bilas explained why he deserved to be higher on our list. 

April 7, 2020

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport Talks Tom Brady's Departure and Previews NFL Draft: Listen to 'Load Management’ Ep. 21

On this week's episode, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joins Adam and Chopz to talk about the life of an NFL insider, the worst NFL fans on Twitter, what it's like to get a big scoop, and more. Rapoport also goes in-depth on the Tom Brady decision, why the Texans traded DeAndre Hopkins, and more. Lastly, the man also known as Rapsheet offers up some draft predictions and what some teams might do in the coming weeks.

March 24, 2020

Tim Anderson Talks Trash Baseball Movies Plus Ultimate Sports 'What Ifs': Listen to 'Load Management’ Ep. 19

On this week's episode Chopz and Adam are joined by reigning American League batting champion Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox to talk about life with no sports, his reaction to Major League Baseball pushing back the start of the season, how he deals with haters, trash baseball movies, why he's the king of the bat flip, and more. To kick things off, the crew talks about the biggest sports 'What Ifs' in history, from injuries to trades to signings that almost happened.

March 17, 2020

Patrick Mahomes Talks Perks of Being Super Bowl LIV MVP: Listen to 'Load Management’ Ep. 18

On this week's episode of Load Management, Adam and Chopz talked to Super Bowl LIV MVP Patrick Mahomes about how his life has changed since he guided the Chiefs to the franchise's first Super Bowl victory in 50 years. Mahomes also speaks on his paternership with Essentia Water and why he chose to work with them going forward. But before that, Adam, Chopz, and Zion talked about how the landscape of sports has dramatically changed and their habits are completely different in response to the coronavirus crisis. The crew also offered up real-time reaction to the bombshell NFL trade involving DeAndre Hopkins and ended the episode with some difficult NFL trivia. 

March 10, 2020

Stephon Marbury Talks Knicks, Kobe, KG, and new Documentary : Listen To 'Load Management’ Ep. 17

On this week's episode of Load Management, Adam and Chopz are joined by legendary NYC baller Stephon Marbury to talk about his new documentary "A Kid From Coney Island," balling on the streets of New York, his tumultuous time with the Knicks, the Kobe vs. LeBron debate, and what it's like to be revered in another country. The hour long interview is wide-ranging and a must-listen. It was also Marbury's first appearance on a podcast. 

March 3, 2020

Is LeBron Threatened by Zion and Our Worst Sports Memories: Listen To ‘Load Management’ Ep. 16

On this week's episode of Load Management, Adam and Chopz are joined by their Complex colleagues Angel and Zion as the crew talks about their worst sports memories. Later on, the squad debates whether LeBron James is threatened by the emergence of Zion Williamson and if Russell Westbrook should be considered the Rockets best player?