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Load Management
Load Management

Load Management

Sports podcasts are everywhere these days. But what’s lacking are the honest and insightful conversations between hosts and athletes who often struggle to relate to each other. All too often athletes are afraid to let their guard down and tell it like it is—whether it’s about their sport or other genres of interest like music, pop culture, sneakers, and style. What’s the solution? Welcome the ‘Load Management’ podcast where athletes are able to speak their minds in an unfiltered setting with Complex Sports authorities Chopz, Adam and Zion. Thriving at the convergence of culture and sports, ‘Load Management’ sifts through the BS to give fans real insights into sports through a unique lens only Complex could present. The ‘Load Management’ podcast brings a realness to an audience that wants to hear the truth and craves forward thinking. Our aim is to elevate the sports conversation through exclusive discussions with the knowledgeable staff at Complex and athletes or other members of the sports media world the audience knows, respects, and can’t wait to hear tell it like it really is.



August 4, 2020

Austin Rivers, Dave East, Sports are Back, and J. Cole to the NBA?: Listen to Ep. 38 of Load Management

On this stacked episode of Load Management, Chopz, Adam, and Zion are joined by Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers to talk about the teams fast start in the bubble, how he's passing the time, NBA rivalries, top 10 lists, and much more. Later, the guys are joined by rapper Dave East to talk about his new album, Karma 3, why he decided to give up basketball to rap, his relationship with KD, J. Cole's journey to the NBA, and much more. If you want to be heard on the podcast, call us at 212-906-4495 and leave us your hottest sports take.

July 28, 2020

Alex Caruso Talks NBA Bubble, LeBron James + Tua Tagovailoa on NFL Life: Listen to Ep. 37 of Load Management

On this week's stacked Load Management podcast, the guys talk about Lou Williams leaving the bubble for some Magic City wings, MLB madness, and more. They're then joined by Lakers guard Alex Caruso to talk about his social media star power, playing with LeBron, who his MVP is, Texas A&M with Johnny Manziel, and much more. Later, first-round NFL Draft pick Tua Tagovailoa checks in with the guys to chat about life as an NFL QB, playing Call of Duty' with former Bama teammate Jerry Jeudy, Brian Flores, if he'll ever go to Rick Ross' house, and more.

July 21, 2020

Jerry Jeudy Talks WR Rankings, Gaming, & More, Plus Sports are Back: Listen to Ep. 36 of Load Management

On this week's 'Load Management' podcast, Denver Broncos star WR Jerry Jeudy joins the guys to talk about his love of gaming, 'Call of Duty,' who is the best in the NFL at the game, his Madden rating, best WRs in the NFL, and much more. Later, the guys dive into the return of sports, share their excitement and what they're looking for when the NBA and MLB return in the coming days.

July 14, 2020

We Were on TV, NBA Bubble Shenanigans + PLL's Paul Rabil: Listen to Ep. 35 of Load Management

On this week's episode of the 'Load Management' podcast, Adam, Chopz, and Zion react to being featured on Inside the NBA, the top 10 best NBA players ever debate, everything happening in the NBA bubble, bold NBA playoff predictions, and more. Later, PLL co-founder Paul Rabil joins the guys to talk about how he's trying to bring lacrosse to the mainstream, why Jim Brown is the LAX GOAT, his friendship with Bill Belichick, and much more.

June 30, 2020

Trevor Bauer Talks Baseball's Return, Players/Owners Beef, MLB GOAT, & More: Listen to Ep. 33 of 'Load Management'

On this week's Load Management podcast, Chopz, Adam, and Zion are joined by Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer to talk about the return of baseball, why it took so long, how the MLB can get a younger audience, his plans for free agency, and much more. Before that, Chopz, Adam, and Zion talk about Cam Newton signing with the Patriots, if this makes them a playoff team, and much more.

June 23, 2020

Victor Cruz Talks Sports' Return, NFL Predictions, & More: Listen to Ep. 32 of 'Load Management'

On this week’s Load Management podcast, Adam, Chopz, and Zion talk to New York Giants Super Bowl champion Victor Cruz about his thoughts on the return of sports, Kyrie Irving speaking out, players kneeling in the NFL, and much more. They also talked to Cruz about the upcoming NFL season, who he thinks will win more games between the Patriots and Bucs, his predictions for the Giants in 2020, and his transition into acting.

June 16, 2020

Lamar Jackson Talk Haters, Drake Curse, Madden Cover Plus Christen Press of USWNT: Listen to 'Load Management'

On this week's Load Management podcast, Adam and Chopz start the show by sharing some personal details about themselves before inviting Zion in to talk about the NBA's return, Kyrie Irving's stand for what he believes in, the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa 30 For 30 doc, and more. The guys then welcome in NFL MVP Lamar Jackson to talk about him being the 2021 EA Madden cover star, who is better in the game between him and Michael Vick, the Drake and Madden curses, how he deals with haters, and much more. To wrap the show, Adam and Chopz talk to two-time World Cup winner Christen Press about her rɘ—inc company, what it's like to win to dominate on the biggest stage, and much more.

June 9, 2020

NBA Insider Shams Charania Talks NBA Return, Giannis Free Agency: Listen to Ep. 29 'Load Management'

On this week's episode, NBA insider Shams Charania from The Athletic and Stadium joins the crew talk about everything going on with the NBA's return, what the rest of the season will look like, what happens if a player tests positive, and more. We also asked Charania a whole bunch of questions like where Bradley Beal might end up, who are the potential future suitors for Giannis Antetokounmpo, when will Kevin Love get traded, and much more. To wrap the episode, Zion, Adam, and Chopz do a fantasy draft for the Orlando NBA bubble.

June 3, 2020

Pierce Simpson Talks George Floyd’s Death, Tone Deaf Sports Statements: Listen to Ep. 29 'Load Management'

This week, Chopz, Adam, and Zion, are joined by their Complex colleague Pierce Simpson for a serious conversation about how the sports world is reacting to the unjust police killing of George Floyd and protests that sprouted up across the country in response. They also discuss the systemic racism that plagues sports leagues, teams, and media outlets, and how progress can be made as the NBA and NFL return in the coming months. More information on how to support #BlackLivesMatter can be found here.

May 26, 2020

Le'Veon Bell Talks Jets, MJ/LeBron, Drake/Jay Z, Tom Brady, & More: Listen to Ep. 28 'Load Management'

On this week's Load Management podcast, New York Jets running back Le'Veon Bell joins the crew to talk about how he's spending his time during quarantine, his life as a gamer, his music career, and the upcoming NFL season. The Complex Sports squad went deep on his favorite video games, his favorite rappers, why he thinks LeBron James is probably the GOAT, and why he thinks the Jets don't have the worst uniforms in the NFL. We also talked about being surprised by NFL trades, the Tom Brady move, and whether or not Jets head coach Adam Gase listens to his music.

May 19, 2020

Jalen Rose & Danny Green Talk 'Last Dance,' NBA Return, and MJ/LeBron: Listen to Ep. 27 'Load Management'

On this week's 'Load Management' podcast episode, Jalen Rose and Danny Green join Chopz, Adam, and Zion to talk about their deals with Puma, giving back to the community, their thoughts on The Last Dance documentary, the MJ/LeBron debate, and much more. The guys also played a game of "One Gotta Go" with Rose and Green and also fired off some rapid questions around the NBA, hip-hop, and Marvel movies.

May 12, 2020

LaVar Ball Talks LaMelo, Status of BBB, Michael Jordan, and More: Listen to Ep. 26 of 'Load Management'

On this week's 'Load Management' episode, Big Baller Brand leader LaVar Ball joins the show to talk about the status of the relaunched brand, why LaMelo Ball will be the No.1 pick, where he wants his youngest son to land, and why the Pelicans would have upset the Lakers if they faced off in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Later, Ball talks about his sons signing with Roc Nation, his thoughts on The Last Dance  documentary and Michael Jordan, and much more.