Tom The Mail Man is an enigma from Atlanta. The city known for its trap rap also brings us this alternative rap-turned-emo-punk-pop rocker. One of our Artists To Watch in 2021, this is another year to stay tapped into Tom The Mail Man. Sunset Visionary, Vol. 2, a sequel to his 2020 album SV1, just dropped and is a testament to the journey Tom has made in his life and in his music. Writing since the age of 14 and with multiple projects to his name, Tom is in the game for the long haul. 

According to Tom, SV2 will serve as a deep dive into the alternative space. “SV1 was like a kid that was hopeful, with a full sense of justice and a strong will,” he says. “And then SV2 is real life. I’ve been beaten. I’ve been fucked up. This is how I feel now. I’m not going to listen to the angel on my shoulder anymore because I’ve been hurt already and I want revenge.”

Sitting in a blue-lit room amongst walls plastered with anime posters and soundtracked by the subtle squeaking of a toy from his dog Ragna, Tom is right in his element. This is his safe space, where he holes up to create with as few distractions as possible. His charismatic and humble energy radiates, even through a computer screen. We got to catch up on everything from his musical inspirations for SV2 to his in-depth advice for independent artists and his do or die attitude to creativity.

Listen to Tom The Mailman’s ‘Sunset Visionary, Vol. 2,’ out now on all platforms. 

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