“I’m trying to blur the boundaries between artist and producer, between genres,” Baird told us in 2021. “All these arbitrary lines made up by the music industry. I think there’s something fun about trying things for the first time, so I just try a bunch of shit. I might write a rap in the morning, learn some Roy Orbison in the afternoon, and make a disco track that night. I’m really not an expert at anything.”

He may not consider himself an expert, but as a vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, trying a little of everything has paid off well. In 2021, while splitting time between Mexico City, Los Angeles, and his hometown of Baltimore, Baird released a project called BIRDSONGS, Vol. 2. It caught the attention of Brockhampton, who invited him to join the electric creative process that led to ROADRUNNER. He’s credited on multiple songs from that project, and soon after he released his best solo work yet with BIRDSONGS Vol. 3.

Although Baird plays with different genres and is always down to try something totally left-field, there are a couple of common threads through everything he touches: rich musicality and a human feel. Nothing sounds manufactured, and every decision conveys his curious and free-spirited process. On his See You Next Year song, this comes out in the form of a summer bounce and possibly our favorite Baird song yet. We’re obviously biased, but you’ll hear it soon enough. Below, check out “Lightning Of July” from the third BIRDSONGS installation.

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