It’s not often we include an act in Best New Artists off the strength of one song, but Pote Baby is an exception. After we heard his debut single “In The Kitchen,” we were hooked.

When we found out more about the Savannah, GA rapper, we were even more interested. Unlike a lot of new artists who get their first break through a viral social media post or big co-sign, Pote Baby’s come-up started locally. He won over crowds at open mic nights in his city, and word spread that Pote Baby was an act to look out for. The pandemic prevented him from keeping those live performances going, but it didn’t stop him from dropping his first song and video. The “In The Kitchen” video showcased next-level charisma that you’d expect from a crowd-favorite performer.

Today we’re excited to premiere his follow-up video “YAMS!” This one is way more lowkey, but it offers a glimpse into another side of Pote Baby and proves that he isn’t one dimensional. It’s still catchy enough to get stuck in your head after a couple of listens, features Pote Baby riding some classic down south flows, and comes with visuals to match the mood.

Watch the video above and look out for more music from Pote Baby this month.

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