It’s human nature to romanticize what we want and don’t have. This applies to so many aspects of life, but it’s especially true when it comes to jobs and career paths. 

After watching Sex and The City, so many young viewers wanted to be professional writers. After watching Dave, they probably wanted to manage an artist or make beats for Trippie Redd. And there’s nothing wrong with that! Pop culture has always shaped our perception of jobs and provided inspiration to aspiring creatives and executives, but it often leaves out some of the less glamorous aspects that no one talks about.

This is not a cynical article written by a tired journalist who wants to deter you from going after your dreams. No, chase your passions—life is too short not to! The goal here is to lay out the reality of these jobs, including the challenges, the less alluring functions of the role, and the often mysterious path to actually landing one of these positions.

We spoke with professionals in some of the music industry’s most coveted roles to pull back the curtain and give an honest and unfiltered look at each position, from major label A&R to music supervisor.

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