Few artists have had the luxury of charting, signing to a major label like Geffen Records, or playing huge festival stages as a teenager. midwxst can barely believe it himself.

“I was never the coolest kid in the class. If you look back four years ago and said that this kid’s music’s going to go crazy, I wouldn’t have believed it all. At all. But life catches you off-guard, and sometimes you have to follow your heart and follow what’s in front of you,” he tells us.

The Indiana-raised artist who has resided everywhere from Connecticut to Belgium paved his own way in the digicore/SoundCloud scene, crafting tracks like the glitchy 2021 hyperpop single “Trying” as a high schooler.

Currently attending Belmont University in Nashville (where some of his latest project, Better Luck Next Time, was created), midwxst provides an eclectic array of records that detail the gut-wrenching aftermath of heartbreak. With a maturation in sound and content, he finds solace in crafting ultra-vulnerable lyrics and music his peers can relate to.

Speaking with the rising star from the Simple Stupid offices over Zoom, he pulls up some cherished images on his phone in an endearing, show-and-tell type of manner. Whether sharing Japanese streetwear brands or his list of recently played music (Clairo, Kendrick Lamar, BabyTron, Jungle, Outkast), he beams with unbridled enthusiasm. Striving to be a beacon of light for his generation, he elicits heartfelt candor when the topic of mental health arises.

“I want to at least be able to provide comfort to kids and show them that [someone] understands. To feel, ‘He gets what I want to do. He understands and feels the way I do.’ That’s how I felt with the artists that I love the most. With Tyler, with Frank, with Kanye. I wouldn’t have liked them as much if I didn’t like what they were doing,” he explains.

Learn more about midwxst in our interview below. Watch the video for his latest single “sidelines” now and catch him performing at the Life Is Beautiful Festival in September.

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