As told to Alex Fruchter

I’ve never been in a situation to take my time in my career. After Trees and Truths came out in 2013, everything got warped and we were moving really fast. One thing that I hate, hate, hate doing is having a single out and we don’t have the next thing ready to go. We may have made a move on the board and we don’t know what the next four moves are. I hate doing that shit. I didn’t really allow myself to do that in this case. I didn’t want any content to be created for halfway done songs, I didn’t want treatments for anything that wasn’t absolutely finished. That in itself made the album creation process way less stressful because I wasn’t trying to meet a deadline I set before I started making music. I wasn’t trying to rush around and get features from people on a deadline. It very much left me to create what I like, pick what I like, put it together. I don’t think we had the album until June. I just took my time. I wasn’t in a rush in any shape or form.
I give a lot of credit for that to my home life. I feel like the pandemic accelerated some things that my wife and I needed to get through. It actually let me see how the work day keeps you from getting to shit that you could probably handle way faster if there wasn’t eight hours per day that you aren’t with each other. We were allowed to process and work through things that I’m sure would have taken us another year to properly address. Coming out of that, I feel like I had a lot of peace at the crib that absolutely determined how free I was when I stepped into the studio.
I know what it is to be in the studio while being upset with your girl. And that’s not really productive at all. I think I’ve only ever created one good song in that space. That’s such a hard space for me to be creative in, when my wife and I aren’t on good terms. The pandemic elevated some of our bigger issues because we had more time and space to focus on them and get through them. Coming out of that, I had these new tools for addressing conflict, certain things that hadn’t been addressed were being processed. I had a peace and clarity that I have to give credit to when I talk about the space I was in while creating Elephant In The Room.

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