Florida artist Flozigg has taken versatility to new heights with his unique ability to weave warm, melodic production with innate vocal talent. Flaunting a unique tone of voice and earworm hooks, Flozigg dabbles in a vast array of styles, with neo-soul auras inspired by Erykah Badu, juicy baselines a la Thundercat, and punchy guitars reminiscent of indie rock mastermind Tame Impala. The result is the vibrant concoction of vintage and fresh flavors. 

“I would classify myself as alternative,” he explains. “I don’t create with a genre in mind. To me, that’s what being progressive in music is all about.”

Flozigg released his six-song EP Beige in August 2021, but the 21-year-old artist/producer says he’s been consistently creating and gearing up for a powerful 2022. While the Flozigg catalog is only 22 minutes long throughout two EP releases—Beige and Burgundy—every song captures such a distinct style and vivid feeling, with high levels of replayability. 

Beige offers a window into the potential for Flozigg to take his music in any direction he pleases, and nothing’s holding him back from continuing to explore. A true self-starter in every sense of the word, Flozigg writes, produces, sings, creative directs, and even manages himself. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.—Grant Conley

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