London artist Tora-i makes thoughtful, layered R&B songs that are built on traditional foundations and bought to life by modern production flourishes and impressive music videos. Her latest single “Serial” tackles personal growth in the context of a relationship, the power of Tora’s vivid lyrics matched by the rich and varied production. On “Vein,” Tora’s voice is given space to soar over simple keys before the beat drops and changes the feel of the song completely. The music video, directed by Aliyah Otchere, is unmissable too.

Of finding the right visual accompaniment for her songs, Tora-i tells us, “The aim is to make them go hand in hand. Right now I’m more experienced in the making of music so I’m still growing visually (likewise with music) in order to execute the vision, because at the core of it, it’s just about making the message clear.”

To hear more, catch up with Tora-i’s 2020 Cavalier EP and look out for lots more music from the rising artist this year.—Alex Gardner

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