Normally, we wait until an artist has at least a few songs released before we include them in Best New Artists. And normally, we’ll try to get familiar with the artist and their story before we write about them. But the case of an artist who goes by mynameisleonidas is anything but normal.

The artist behind the project is signed to Parisian label Kitsuné Musique, but a statement from the label claims: “We still haven’t met, nor spoken.” The artist has remained anonymous, and nobody involved will confirm exactly who he is or where he’s from, but his heady, lo-fi, bass-heavy debut single “elevate in the village” is a track that is too interesting and unique not to share. Plus, a preview of some upcoming music has us convinced that whoever he is, he’s onto something.

In an attempt to get more info, we sent over some questions to mynameisleonidas via email and got responses from the artist behind it all, included below.—Jacob Moore

On his decision to stay anonymous: “Like you said, we live in an over-sharing age of everything whereas leonidas lived in a no phone-internet-whatsoever environment. I’m keeping it simple having faith in what really matters in life. Music is one of those things and I just want people to focus on it.”

On the two voices featured on “elevate in the village”:  “You’re right, there is someone else. I met her a few months ago in my village, she was riding a centaur while humming an overwhelming melody. Rather than involving her I would say that I invoked her on ‘elevate in the village.’ For this reason among others, I won’t reveal her identity but rest assured, you’ll hear from us again soon!”

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