Author: Gucci Mane/Neil Martinez-Belkin

Gucci Mane’s long anticipated book—started while he served in a maximum-security federal prison—is, by all accounts, an insightful and vulnerable look at one of America’s most interesting artists. Hotly anticipated and widely praised, Gucci Mane’s autobiography chronicles the unlikely rise of a rapper who, from day one, was beset with a number of challenges, from drug addiction to incarceration. Ultimately, he managed to overcome them all.

The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane is raw, unadulterated, and effective literature aimed at both fans of hip-hop and those interested in America’s modern society. You will find no sugar-coated words or flowery language here, just honesty, pain, struggle, contemplation, and redemption. 

The People's Cosign: 

"Inspirational, funny and insightful. Really made me respect Gucci that much more. A must read from one of the most influential rappers in the game.​" - LifeofPi

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