Author: Questlove & Ben Greenman

Anyone familiar with Questlove knows that he is a walking music encyclopedia, and that he always has the best stories about everything music-related. It was only a matter of time until he wrote his own book.

Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove is partially an autobiography about Questlove's own life, and he has some stories. The way Questlove goes into great detail about each outlandish story makes the reader feel as if they were a fly during some of music's wildest moments.

The People's Cosign:

"First of all, let me start by saying I've never been much of a reader, though I've always liked the idea of reading, the mystique of knowledge and wisdom that people see when they know you read and the growth you gain from it have always intrigued me. With that said, Mo' Meta Blues is only the second book I've ever read (in it's entirety) in my life. It is funny, sad, intriguing, and insightful.

"I cried, laughed, and questioned life at times, the way it is written I truly felt like Questlove was personally sharing his experiences with me. If you are a Roots fan this is a must read, even if you are slightly familiar with "The Legendary Roots Crew" you should read it, I guarantee you will become a bigger fan. Though the Jimmy Fallon Show parts are short, they are funny and explains how they become the late night band during a "meeting of the minds" which made me happy and made me laugh. I will read this again at some point in my life, it is the book that has sparked my interest in actually reading an entire book." - Joe Keith

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