One of the most common things we’ve heard from our audience over the years is that producers deserve more love. The beatmakers and instrumentalists play such a vital role in making the music we listen to every day, but they don’t always get the attention, respect, and opportunities given to performers.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with BeatStars that opens up the door for producers to get their beats directly to artists and their teams for a potential placement. 

BeatStars has been connecting artists with producers since 2008, and they’ve built an active community of over three million monthly users. The BeatStars marketplace has paid out over $200 million to creators, and the platform has led directly to songs made by Cardi B, Pop Smoke, Doechii, 347aidan, and so many more.

For the Pigeons & Planes and BeatStars collaboration, we’ll be hand-picking acts on the rise, and BeatStars will be opening up submissions, so producers can send in beats for that artist. We’ll listen through submissions with the BeatStars A&R staff, pick standouts, and then pass them on to the artist and their team to select one beat to record over.

To kick things off, we’ve got SSGKobe on board for the first beat submission campaign. The Louisiana newcomer and Field Trip Records signee was one of our artists to watch in 2022, and he’s been on a roll for the past couple of years.

Submit your beats here, and the selected producer will get:

  • SSGKobe to record over the selected beat
  • An article on Pigeons & Planes highlighting the song, including an interview with the producer
  • Social support on P&P and BeatStars
  • Song and producer highlighted on the P&P Discord
  • Inclusion in the P&P newsletter and BeatStars newsletter
  • One free year of BeatStars Unlimited Pro Page
  • $200 worth of BeatStars advertising credit
  • Free publishing plan for a year

Good luck!

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