One Piece [!!]

Does anyone like Mangas* [?] I think they’re [so] much better than [american] Comics[.] Dont agree [too bad] They arent suppose to come out [in America] till MUCH LATER [but] thirst people [like myself] go to sites like One manga to get the lastest chapter [every friday] One specific Manga [though] is One Piece [!] I’ve ran through 500 [plus] chapters of it in a couple months[.] Its [really] good its about a pirate [Money D Luffy] trying to find treasure N the obstacles he has to go through to reach it[.] Its the whole package having suspense,action,comedy,fantasy, and [even] drama[.] Do people read this Manga [or Mangas in general] I’d like peoples thoughts on this[!!]

*Japanese Comics
Monkey D. Luffy

Roronoa Zoro [Luffy’s right hand man]