Chinese Christmas Cards - "Welcome To Life"


After that post about the Do’s and Don’ts of sending music to music bloggers, I felt it was only right to pay my filthy, snot-nosed email inbox a visit and show it the respect it deserves. I’m glad I did, because I’m liking this one. It’s a pretty mellow song with a charming melody, but it’s got a beat that I can get into.

Chinese Christmas Cards join the long list of emerging artists from Barcelona (Delorean, John Talabot, The Requesters, Buffetlibre, Sidechains, etc). After wininng last LEVI’S Unfamous Music Awards 2009, Chinese Christmas Cards are glad to offer their new single as free download.

In their own words: “We always meet in a little room and we make music because we love it. We love song-writing and electronic music so we mix both in our songs. We use a computer, guitars, syntesizers and other intruments and electronic devices. We hope you like our music”

Chinese Christmas Cards – Welcome To Life | YouSendIt