Watch Yung Pinch's New Video For "Underdogs"

California's Yung Pinch links with Cole Bennett for a music video to match his laid back track.

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The barriers to entry are lower than ever before in the music world. Anyone with a computer and the internet can make and release music, and that can make it difficult to cut through all the noise. California artist Yung Pinch figured out a way to do it. While so many other young artists are going for an aggressive, in-your-face sound impossible to ignore, Pinch taps into something more relaxed, and it's paying off. His music is melodic, spacious, and hypnotic, but he manages to make it accessible at the same time.

Today he shares a new video for his recent single "Underdogs," one of his favorite records off the #4EVERFRIDAY SZN 1 collection. "My boy Gnealz went in on the beat, and the vibe is just so fun but also inspirational," Pinch says. "Cole Bennett did his thing on the video, we ran up in the Huntington Beach Public Library, shot downtown on the HB Pier and finished the shoot off with a little hotel party overlooking the Pacific Ocean."​​

Watch the new "Underdogs" music video above, and get more familiar with the rise of Yung Pinch below:

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