15 Signs That You're a Struggling Musician in 2013

By Confusion & Joyce

Twenty years ago, being a "struggling musician" meant you were packed in a van, traveling from city to city with your bandmates, drinking cheap beer, and staying in dirty hotel rooms where you lie on a stained mattress and dream of one day making it big. Today, that is called being in an indie band. Today, that is called being an up-and-comer.

Today, the term "struggle" has taken on new meaning. The Internet has made it possible for anyone to dive head first into a "music career," but it has also lowered the bar. Now, instead of having to really commit to something and grind it out the way artists in the '80s and '90s did, you can just start a half-assed Internet campaign from the comfort of your crusty old computer chair. Now, instead of actually putting in the work, you can just bang away at your keyboard and hope that your big break will come to you.

The Internet has changed music for the better in countless ways, but by basically removing the barrier to entry, it has also opened the floodgates and allowed for a rush of struggle artists to enter the picture. And believe us, the struggle is very real.


2. You make hashtags for every song you release

3. You've remixed more than one Drake song

4. You rap/sing over songs by every hot producer and call it a "collaboration"

5. You call yourself a "buzz band"

6. Your cover art was made in Paint

7. You brag about YouTube views

8. You spam comments sections with links to your new "banger"

9. Twitter Slutbots help spread your mixtape

10. Your Twitter presence is really invasive/weird

11. You find the private numbers of bloggers and call/text them out of the blue

12. You're desperately trying to go viral on YouTube

13. You tweet at people asking for a follow

14. You somehow have 50,000 Twitter followers but you can't get verified

15. Your email blasts talk about that one time Adam Levine retweeted you

16. You try to sacrifice your friend to the Illuminati