15 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now

Every Sunday we collect the best free music we can find and put it all in one place. If you fell behind or just feel like building up your iTunes, we've got you covered. Here are 15 free songs for you to download, in no particular order. Enjoy.


2. CUBBY ft. Rome Fortune & OG Maco - "Jungle"

Keep your eyes on CUBBY. The producer shared his debut mixtape Pieces earlier this week, with "Jungle," which features Rome Fortune and OG Maco over a wild beat, the most immediately impressive track. Download the whole Pieces mixtape here.

3. Insightful - "Liberate Your Luv"

If you're not familiar with Oakland-based producer Insightful, "Liberate Your Luv" is a great place to start. Dreamy vocal snippets, a glitchy beat, and sub-bass that you will only hear on good speakers or headphones combines to create a hypnotic, gorgeous track. The Soulection camp is killing it right now.

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4. Chromatics - "Ceremony"

Johnny Jewel of Chromatics has shared a collection of previously unreleased material and rarities from the archives. Listen to a highlight from Chromatics, the grandiose but entrancing "Ceremony," below, then check the rest of the giveaways on Johnny Jewel's SoundCloud.

5. Ethereal - "Change"

Awful Records member Ethereal released Blackli$t, which he considers to be a "personal assessment of the state of affairs in rap music and a stream of consciousness on the dirty politics of the music industry," earlier this week. Listen to tape highlight "Change" below, and download Blackli$t here.

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6. Slow Magic - "Waited 4 U (Odesza Remix)"

The first few seconds of Odesza's sparkling remix of Slow Magic’s "Waited 4 U" are probably what magical Disney forests sound like. The rework really finds its footing once the vocals and bassline kick in, working in harmony to create a truly blissful track.

7. ASTR - "Blue Hawaii (Brenmar Remix)"

Brenmar breathes new life into ASTR’s pop-leaning "Blue Hawaii," creating something more fitting for the dance floor. It's a sexy, funky, fun remix.

8. Witty Rock x JuneYa - "Straight"

Witty Rock and JuneYa—who are part of the same 9BMC crew as Baltimore rapper JuegoTheNinety—deliver reflective and honest rhymes for "Straight." Production courtesy of Yamataforever.

9. HWLS - "002"

HWLS is a collaboration between P&P favorite Ta-ku and Kit Pop, and their debut release, the four-track HWLS EP which came out on vinyl in October, is now available as a free download from Bandcamp. "002," with it's amazing steel drums, is a standout. Download here.

10. OG Maco & Flippa - "Violent"

There are few songs more appropriately titled than "Violent," which kicks things off with the loud bang of a gunshot. This is followed by OG Maco and Flippa trading verses over an erratic, stuttering beat that includes lots of gun sounds. The song appears on Ca$h Out's mixtape, Kitchen Choppas, which you can download here.

11. Catching Flies - "Quiet Nights"

Catching Flies’ mesmerizing "Quiet Nights" is a nice little departure from aggressive rap and fast-paced electronic music, with mellow piano keys, an acoustic guitar, and gentle vocals that tie everything together.

12. T-Pain - "Buy You A Drink (Mr Gat Remix)"

Producer/self-proclaimed "Bedroom Warrior" Mr. Gat takes the Auto-Tune free vocals from T-Pain's recent NPR Tiny Desk Concert session and adds some extra funk to the beat. The results might have you wishing that T-Pain would release more songs like this.

13. Vic Spencer - "Pork Chops"

Soulful production is the perfect complement to Vic Spencer’s coarse voice. On his latest song, "Pork Chops," the Chicago rapper rhymes about the darker side of Chicago hip-hop over a smooth, piano-driven beat by Tony Stanza.

14. J-Dub - "All I Feel"

J-Dub weaves together soulful vocals and a hyperactive, pounding bassline for "All I Feel," which appears on the recent Teklife x Hyperdub footwork/juke compilation. "All I Feel" is available for free download below, and you can purchase the entire compilation here, with proceeds going towards supporting the late DJ Rashad's young son.

15. Young & Sick - "Songs to Shave to"

Nick Van Hofwegen, better known as Young & Sick, has shared a collection of acoustic tracks and the demo of “American Dreams” as a part of a BitTorrent Bundle. Listen to the incredibly fun "Songs to Shave to" below, and download the BitTorrent Bundle here.

16. Palmistry - Ascenscion EP

The sound of South London producer/vocalist Palmistry's Ascenscion EP lies somewhere between dancehall and the songs of PC Music's Hannah Diamond. It's futuristic pop music, but rooted in dancehall rhythms and production, and provides a glimmering, glistening, softly comforting 30 minutes of music on the nine-track Ascenscion EP. Download in full here.