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September is in full swing, and for many that means school is back in session. Although one might find issue in staying awake during class, studying up on some of the best new mixes might be somewhat more compelling.

So for today's educational supplement, Tunji Ige takes a turn on the figurative turntables for Fader, Boys Noize dusts off some old Daft Punk records, Eric Dingus does his thing for the OVO crew, and consider the Tupac tribute and the inclusion of archive recordings from London's Fabric to be a history lesson. These, in our opinion, are the Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now.

As Londoners continue to lament the loss of a clubbing cornerstone in the form of the Farringdon based venue Fabric, we look back on just a sampling of sets exemplifying exactly what made Fabric such an important place; not just for exciting underground talent and top tier artists, but also for an audience with an appetite only Fabric could really satisfy.

None of these mixes truly capture what it was to go to Fabric for those first few times, or how the sweat dripping down the walls on a Sunday morning helped shape the sound of a city, but they're sure to bring back memories for the many that visited the venue over the course of 17 spectacular years.

If you want to help Fabric return to it's rightful position, visit their dedicated page over here.

Much more than an automated "2Pac Playlist," DJ Wonder's tribute to mark the 20th anniversary of Tupac Shakur's passing takes a place on this week's leaderboard.

Breaking down the samples used, displaying selective tracklisting, and replete with skillful scratching from the Wonderful, what else do we really need to add?

Texas' Eric Dingus recently presented his annual soundtrack for Houston Appreciation Weekend celebrations, and the result, as it has been for the previous two years, is pretty damn good.

Go ahead and listen for yourself, and if the HAW series is totally new to you, take the rest of the day to do a little digging.

Kicking things off with music from The xx and swiftly swerving through some select exclusives from the man himself, Tunji Ige took a minute from murdering the microphone to make a mixtape for the folk at Fader.

"I just wanted people to get a glimpse of the headspace that I've been in the over the past month. It has a lot of exclusives...It also shows different inspirations and how they each play a part that listeners may not hear in my regular music."

Job well done Mr Ige.

Our first clue that this mix from Bluntspeakers included music that'd lift our spirits was in the title. The second clue was when we hit play.

Blunted funk, disco, soul and more, naturally.

Boys Noize is as big a music nerd as you or I (if not way, way more of one), so when asked by The Cookout to bring along some of his favorite French filter house, he probably had the first five tracks in mind before they had finished their sentence.

Et voila, the result is a dream for anyone seeking those Daft Punk deep cuts.

For possibly the first time in our Best New Mixes feature, but the following mix from Letkidbe is a cassette-only affair.

Whilst audio clarity is slightly compromised, the feeling that you've just found the best best mix cassette ever whilst clearing through crap in the attic is enhanced 100-fold.

Be kind and rewind.

Ideal weekend listening manages to walk that fine line between being chill, and keeping you charged enough to take care of the day. Cue our introduction for this back-to-back featuring Mark Redito and Yaeji for Alaya Radio which moonwalks along that line whilst throwing smile-inducing bootlegs your way.

You've never heard "Panda" like this before.

Stamina plays a key role in maintaining the atmosphere at a party as a DJ, but it certainly doesn't hurt to be flanked by two likeminded friends to help maintain the feels at full blast. The founders of Studio Barnhus aka Kornél Kovács, Petter Nordkvist and Axel Boman "only" shared 40% of their seven hour set at Corsica Studios in London. Only three hours of music, then.

"Boman, Kovács & Nordkvist on the decks. Big thanks to everyone who came out to party and Trouble Vision for inviting us!"

NTS Radio host and occasional tour DJ Nadia Ksabia knows a thing or two about working a crowd, but takes it down a notch or two on her synth-heavy session for The Ransom Note.

Fans of reel-to-reel recording, echoed 808 hand claps, and peculiar house stabs will be most satisfied.