AI is a hot topic in so many industries right now, but in music or the arts in general, it’s an especially sensitive conversation. Some people fear that they’ll lose their jobs, others worry that the value of human creativity is going to be diminished even more than it already has been, and many are concerned that they’ll be left behind as technology once again makes entire business models obsolete. Plus, there’s stuff like this happening that is just… slightly alarming.

At this point, it’s clearly inevitable that AI is going to have an impact on the future of music, but what does that look like? We teamed up with Mike Epstein, the EVP of Digital Marketing at Cinematic Music, to get some answers. After seeing some of his Twitter “check-in” threads about different topics that are affecting the music landscape in 2023, we decided to tap in with some AI experts, industry professionals, and creatives in music to gain perspective, share information, and raise some important questions. What we ended up with was way too long to fit into a Twitter thread, so here we are.—Jacob Moore, Founder and GM of Pigeons & Planes

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