The Dogs - "We Don't Have To Do Anything"


The Dogs is a band that hails from Chicago, and they describe themselves as “family rock.” This could mean a number of things, but upon first listen of “We Don’t Have To Do Anything,” it becomes clear what they meant.

There’s a lot going on in this one song. It starts off slow as the lead singer coaxes you into the ocean of sound about to come, repeating “we don’t have to do anything,” but it quickly escalates into a wild party of instruments. It’s kind of like a family gathering—it starts off slow with some tender moments of reunion. Then the second you get a couple of drinks in your Uncle Joe, your family gathering turns into a beautifully orchestrated scene of dysfunction.

The Dogs have recently released an album titled Camping. In purchasing a non-digital copy, they promise you a “one-of-a-kind, hand-printed cover, made by a Dog.” Check out their Bandcamp (where you can stream Camping) and give “We Don’t Have To Do Anything” a listen below.

The Dogs – “We Don’t Have To Do Anything”