Awesome Concerts You Can Watch on YouTube Right Now

From Nirvana and Michael Jackson to Eminem and 2Pac, here are some entire concerts available for streaming on YouTube.

YouTube is a valuable resource that has a video for almost anything. There are clips on YouTube that can teach you how to cook, sew, dance, play guitar, or dougie.

There are also tons of live shows and concert specials that are available in high quality. What better way to kill an hour of work than to throw 2Pac Live at the House Of Blues in a tab and get a little history lesson? Or put Kanye and Jay Z playing "Niggas in Paris" 11 times in Paris on during a pregame at your apartment?

Live concert specials usually have bonus footage and other gems that you can't get listening to the regular album, and it's a good way to see and hear some of your favorite songs in a different way, from the comfort of your own home/office/whatever. Here are 12 full concerts available on YouTube that you should watch as soon as you have the chance.

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2. Tupac, Los Angeles (1996)

3. Led Zeppelin, Madison Square Garden (1973)

4. The Killers, Royal Albert Hall (2009)

5. Kanye West, Abbey Road (2006)

6. Nirvana, Reading (1992)

7. Kid Rock, Woodstock (1999)

8. Michael Jackson, Germany (1997)

9. Foals, Amersterdam (2013)

10. Rage Against the Machine, Los Angeles (2000)

11. Muse, Wembley Stadium (2007)

12. Eminem, New Jersey (2002)

13. Guns N Roses, NYC (1988)