Australian Rapper Manu Crooks Levels Up on "Ridin'"

'mood forever' is set to drop this summer.

manu australia
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manu australia

With each passing release, Manu Crooks is establishing himself as the next rapper out of Australia to make international waves. His mood forever release is right around the corner, and the lead-up has been marked by strong singles like "Blowin' Up" and "Assumptions." His moody delivery and trap-tinged production reaches new highs on "Ridin'," which was written and recorded in Crooks' native Sydney with producers Miracle and DOPAM!NE.

It's a song that lays out the full range of Crooks' influences. Raised in Australia and of Ghanaian descent, Crooks has distilled his experiences into something wholly unique. "Hearing the music that was being played even around the house growing up, it instills a certain rhythm in you," Crooks said. "The whole African culture and sound is embedded deep within, it's something I can't really explain but it's definitely special. Also living in Australia, it's a very culturally diverse place and being around so many different nationalities is always so inspiring, for life not just music."

Listen to "Ridin'" below.