King Krule Drops Epic Half-Hour Concert Film, 'Live On The Moon'

Archy Marshall gears up for tour with select cuts from 'The Ooz.'

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King Krule is not an oversharer. His drops are carefully choreographed events, outbursts often flanked by long silences. Today brings one such burst in the form of Live On The Moon, a concert film comprised of standouts from 2017's The Ooz. 

We join Archy and his band on a lunar landscape as they lurch into tweaked versions "Cadet Limbo" before seguing into "Dum Surfer." The setting fits, considering the artist's frequent fascination with the moon. The boys are alternately bathed in pale blue light and the red from blood moons, floating from instrument to instrument with a spiritual intensity and very little eye contact. It's a stirring reminder that King Krule's music is often written to be performed—Live On The Moon doubles as advertisement for Krule's upcoming North American tour, which kicks off in April. 

Watch Archy perform in a spacesuit above, and don't skip the details. An eclipse, some flip-up glasses, and a hand's worth of long fingernails await. Read our interview with King Krule here.